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Make the initial investment to ensure your project's success.


Technology has become the foundation to virtually every company in every industry. The digital landscape has ushered in the need for companies to address a growing demand for better customer experiences in mobile and web applications and a revival of traditional business operations through data systems and analysis.

During your discovery session, we help you define your project and provide you with the answers you are looking for. We use proven methods to gain insight into the obstacles that are challenging you, while illustrating opportunities to overcome them.

Simply put, we provide the digital strategy that will outline the execution of your project from start to finish.


What's Included: 

  • A requirements document that includes user stories, non-functional requirements and workflows
  • A detailed project plan
  • Wireframes
  • Final UI
  • Technical architecture and design such as API specifications, necessary system integrations, and security requirements
  • A test plan


What You Get:

You receive a detailed plan explaining how to develop the application or implement the solution you are looking for. The plan and associated documents are your property and they can be used to continue the development process with us or any other organization.


Trusted by: 



"MSF Global acts as an invaluable partner to Transdev and I think of them as trusted members of our team. They are strategic and creative problem solvers which helps us address a variety of projects and meet our technology goals. MSF Global's broad scope delivers on projects both big and small with a true spirit of service. We involve them early and often to ensure our projects' success."

Mitun Seguin, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Transdev North America




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